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I had the same problem with this company when they debited money from my account that I did not authorize. When I contacted them, they did refund the money to my account.

However, another debit then began appearing on my bank statement that I did not authorize for something called Food and Flix. When I checked their website, I found both these companies have the same address. I have also began receiving many, many more junk emails. My great concern is that Privacy Matters has my personal information because my initial contact was for a free credit check.

I have changed my debit card and will change my email address to.

Any suggestions by others for further action to take?

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Same thing just happen to me and I haven't used any service on line, so don't know how they got my Debt card number.


In 2007 I was being charged without permission from my Check-Debit Account by no other Privacy Matters. I never authorize them to charge my account.

I immediately contacted them and had the charges removed. I also contacted my bank. The charges were removed.

Today ...

years later I noticed they have began debiting my new account.

Unfortunately, this company is tied into another company I use online and they are supplying Privacy Matters with my personal information. This is definitely fraudently activity and needs to be investigated at the higest level of law enforcement.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #31581

I used people look up thru yahoo 9/25/07. Was billed the $4.95 which was as advertised.

A year later I discovered they had been taking $14.95 a month out! Did I screw up!

Am waiting for a reply from them as it is the Labor day weekend and no one to reply to my questions. I did not authorize them to do so!


I hate this company with a passion. I did a "free" credit report from Privacy Matters about a month ago, and I cancelled the next day so that I wouldn't get charged.

I received a cancellation confirmation number. I thought all was well until today when I saw an unauthorized fee for a dollar in my checking account. I don't really care about the amount; it's the principle that bothers me. Besides, if they have access to my account, who knows what else they'll take out, right?

So anyhow, I called my bank, put a freeze on my card, and had them reissue me a new debit card. Hopefully that'll fix the problem.

Unfortunately, this fraudulent "company" has my social security number.

:sigh I've had no problems with that ... yet.

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