Manistee, Michigan
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Privacymatters123 offers a free credit report to you. Even without knowing your credit card number they find a way to enter UNAUTHORIZED billings to your credit card.. Never got a free credit report but got billing from 3 companies, Credit Score,, and one other AP something.

I called their number and canceled my so-called "membership" by automated phone. Ha! they still continued to bill me.

Had to call my credit card company and get a new card issued. BEWARE!!!!!!

Oh yeah, this company has become notorious lately, my credit card company was aware of their activities and even called me about certain inquiries they made about my account. But since the billing were small, $1.00 a month and one time membership fees - $19.99 and $29.99, it didn't ring bells, since they were from the 3 "subsidiaries", not Privacymatter123 directly.

My credit card company was very cooperative, and hopefully I will see these charges refunded on my next CC Statement/

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Bocsig, Arad, Romania #28046

YEP little scheisters got me too. All I wanted was a credit report.

BEWARE if anything out there wants a "dollar". We all know nothing comes for a buck! Except LIES and DECEIT. YEP - I got my money back 31.99.

Thanks to my bank - new card - The best part is my dad is retired FBI!

HE IS VERY UPSET - Once FBI, Always FBI - I think their days are numbered... STAY AWAY FROM THE GARBAGE!

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