Dulce, New Mexico
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What a horrible company. They got information from another site I was enrolled in (which I am not now) and they started charging my account.

I called to clarify and they said "someone had to have enrolled" They would not refund the money and the mangers hung up on me twice. Rose #9105 and Felica. What a horrible company to work for. They don't even allow their managers to correct situations.

I will never patronize this company and will warn everyone I possible can. If this is how they treat people who aren't there customers can you imagine what they would do to you if you actually gave them your information.

Further more I went to file a complaint with the BBB and they are not a member!

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That is *** crazy! I knew they were a scandolous company they lied and stoled from my family as well.

Carlos Luna from San Antonio tx lied to my father and i about the service and then the comp would not and has not responded.... :( :(

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