My husband ordered a "free" credit report through another company that told us we had to cancel within 7 days or we would have to pay a monthly fee. We of course cancelled within the 7 days.

Since then, we have been getting charged 29.95 under two different names, come to find out, they are the same company. They have been taking us to the cleaners for $60 a month now. Trying to cancel this was a nightmare. They wanted personal info or a member number.

I was not about to give out the personal number and since we don't have a member number... What the heck do they want us to do? Sell our kids??

These guys are stealing thousands of dollars everyday and no one has done anything about it.

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I'm having the same problem. Who did you talk to about it? I canceled my FreeCreditReport.com account yet I am still receiving charges for $19.95 from PMIdentity.


i first signed up with credit diagnosis for seven day trial for $1 after seven days my credit statement got charge $29.95 plus a tagalong PMIDENTITY for $29.95 cancelled via phone never have a clue what this is never used them following month cc statement charge another $29.95. after treathened to report to authority they said they'll refund. scam SCAM.

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